PURE UWR is looking for a club sponsor

PURE UWR has come a very long way over the last year and we are hoping to go a great deal further over 2015 and beyond!

All members of the Club pay weekly subs or quarterly membership fees that cover our pool hire but we are looking for some sponsorship assistance to get us to the next level.

As can be seen with our four BBC TV appearances, two BBC Radio interviews and numerous national newspaper and magazine articles we could have a lot to offer when it comes to sponsor coverage, and we would be more than happy to promote via our website, facebook and twitter feeds. Plus what could look better that having your logo on the bum of our Budgie Smugglers!

If you might be interested in becoming a sponsor please do get in touch, even if you can only offer a small amount it will go a long way towards our competition costs or buying new equipment to help our club grow.

MARS MILK fund winners – May 2014
Pure Underwater Rugby Club has been selected as one of the £300 winners for the MARS MILK fund.
MARS MILK – Click image to go to article