How to start your own UWR club….

You will need to find a pool with an adequate playing area.  Once found then the requirements of the pool with regard to health and safety, risk assessments, commercial documentation etc will be the first list of activities on your new to-do list as securing a playing area is key.

You will likely need a couple of colleagues with which to fill the key roles, chairman, treasurer and secretary.  The minimum you will need is a committee of the three key roles and a constitution.

You can advertise locally, on free ads online, set up a website etc. to find like minded individuals.  Other diving, swimming or apnea sports are key areas in which to target advertising.  Start advertising early and don’t stop.  New players are the life blood of the club.

To gain adequate insurance for your members it is helpful to join a governing body.  We found BSAC, the british sub aqua association to be very helpful in setting up our club.  Thier requirements for setting up a club can be found here…

Once you have started a club, you may want to have a bank account to make administration easier, there are a number of community accounts available from the major banks.

You will of course need all the equipment. Two preferably stainless steel underwater rugby baskets, underwater rugby balls at least 3, players equipment – waterpolo caps, masks, snorkels and fins. If you don’t know where to get these from just get in touch with us and we’ll put you in the right direction.

It isn’t difficult, although it can be frustrating.  Keep at it and you will get there.

If we can help with any pointers along the way then please contact us.